Started up by Laurent Bizot in 2004, who was joined by Thibaut Mullings in 2007, Nø Førmat! Is now 8 years old.

In the thick of the music industry crisis, the label has today made a true name for itself, just like many other “small” labels, freeing new kinds of energy and letting new and diverse forms of expression thrive. The label was born out of a stubborn desire to resist any kind of formatting and started off with no other guiding principle than its sincerity and its eclectic tastes.

They had the intuition that these tastes reflected much more than just current day trends : the amazing mix of people, ideas, and shapes that defines our globalized era has generated a deep aesthetic mutation. As Nø Førmat! Released records, it formed its own identity. An identity that mirrors the world around it. Free-flowing, ever-changing, and diverse. Every single album brought its singular point of view on our reality, while simultaneously participating in this common spirit of openness, adventure and complete independence.

You can never know what you want in advance.” Our original slogan is still valid today and continues to deeply affect our label’s editorial policy. Unfortunately, the intermediaries between the creators of content and the audience do not follow the same dynamic. There are only very few neighborhood record shops, and the internet doesn’t offer adequate solutions to finance creation even if it does give exposure to an infinite number of artists.This is where our idea of skipping the middle man comes from. We are offering an alternative and more direct formula.

In order for us to continue growing, while staying true to our original promise, Nø Førmat! Is today offering for you to swap your usual seat as a simple consumer, stuck at the very end of the chain, for that of an active partner, through the medium of an annual subscription called the Nø Førmat! Pass.